Bureau of Labor Statistics - Information on inflation, unemployment, employment, pay and benefits

Center for Educational Performance and Information - Information about K-12 public schools, MEAP data for school by building

Children's Trust Fund Information and resources regarding children's issues. Under the Resources tab there are links to State and National websites as well as Research on a variety of topics regarding children's issues.

County Health Rankings - Survey of health rankings across the US by county

DHS Greenbook - Tracks information for all federal entitlement programs under DHS

Healthy People - Government goals/standards for healthy lifestyles

IdeaEncore - General resource for sample documents and policies for nonprofits

KnowHow2Go - Resources on preparing children for college

Lumina Foundation - Reports and resources for college readiness

Michigan Department of Civil Rights - Data and resources on the status of women and adolescent girls

Michigan Department of Community Health - Information and statistics on health behaviors and health status of populations, needs assessments, Medicaid Hedis report

Michigan Department of Human Services - General information on services, key economic indicators, poverty, child support collections

Michigan League for Human Services - Variety of data on public and human services and services for young children

Michigan State Police Uniform Crime Report - Crime statistics down to the county level

Michigan Kids Count - Community level information on well-being of children

Michigan State Police Uniform Crime Report - Crime statistics to county level

Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth - Self-reported youth activity regarding at-risk behaviors

National Survey of Children's Health - By state data on status of children's health

PerformWell - Guidance and resources for building an evaluation program for human services agencies and other nonprofits

US Department of Agriculture - Maps of food deserts within each state in the US

US Government Census - General census data

United Way  - Forecaster provides view of how educational level of the community affects health, financial stability, and community involvement. Some data provided down to the county level. Educational levels can be adjusted to see effects of change.

West Michigan Strategic Alliance Regional economic, environmental, and social justice indicators. Compared with 26 peer regions around the U.S. Site also has some Newaygo specific reports on parks and other subjects and a variety of regional reports.