Evidence Based Practice


American Academy of Pediatrics - General information on children's health topics

Autism Society - General information, research and support programs

Botvin Life Skills Youth Curriculum - Youth alcohol, druge and violence prevention program

Love and Logic Institute - Parenting techniques

Monroe County Children's System of Care - System of care for high risk children designed by Monroe County

National College Access Network - Youth preparation for college

National Environmental Education Foundation - General information on benefits of children's interaction with nature 

Ready by 21 - Youth forum to prepare students for college

Search Institute - Information on supporting the development of young people by building assets. 40 Developmental Assets of young people, defined by age group.

Tools of the Mind - Information on preparation for school, teaching children critical behaviors

We Can - NIH sponsored program on childhood activity and nutrition to encourage healthy weight

Wise Guys - Program on responsibility for boys aged 12-17, pregnancy prevention

Zero to Three - Information on growth and development of infants and toddlers